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Research Training Program Files


Following your successful completion of the Research Training Program you now have access to all the latest forms to print off for your clients. You may need to download the lastest Adobe Reader to be able to open these documents.

Protocol for sessions

Research Associate List of Documents

Client Disclosure and Consent Form

Client Information

Client Notes

Client Completed Forms Log

Life Attitude Survey Form

My Allergies Form

My Issues Form

My Phobias Form

Practitioner Client Log

Practitioner Consent Form

Research Associate Contact Information Form

Symptoms Form

Symptoms Form Scoring

TSC Symptoms Form

New Form

Pain Form

Sleep Issues Form

Examples of Filled in Client Forms:-

Allergies Form Visit 1

Allergies Form Visit 2

Issues Form Visit 1

Issues Form Visit 2

Phobias Visit 1

Phobias Visit 2

Symptoms Form

TSC Symptoms Form

All Forms to be scanned and emailed to 

or posted to

Health Kinesiology, 1304 Asphodel Line 2, RR 3 Hastings, Ontario, Canada, K0L 1Y0 with RD printed in the bottom left hand corner.

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